Senior RMA and Service Coordinator
  • Manufacturing
  • Phnom Penh,
2 years ago
3 years years
Bachelor Degree
18 - 35 Years
Job Description
  • Check warranty status for the items received (HPI, HPE, Lenovo, IBM, UPS, others)
  • RMA validation and Processing
  • Order Warranty Items from Suppliers and Partners thru online
  • Arrangement of RMA items (to SG, VN, HO, local suppliers and others)
  • Getting PO and Process Invoicing for HP Related by OB10-Online Invoicing
  • Handle day by day receiving and sending items (Good and defectives)
  • Return parts defectives back -Coordinate with DHL and Delivery Team
  • Assist engineer in identifying the required spare parts
  • Coordinate with principles in case of non-warranty  
  • Close and update the status of part receive and return-GCSN every month
  • Update RMA status to service coordinator sometime direct to customers
  • Submit monthly report to the manager - HP Supplies and HP Consumer Report
  • Additional works assigned by manager as and when requested
  • Receiving every service items  - For Warranty/No Warranty /Thakral SR
  • Follow up to supplier related to warranty products
  • Prepare warranty and non-warranty back (D.O)
  • Attending incoming Service Calls-update to related departments
  • Follow up all pending calls
  • Update customer about items/calls received
  • Communicate all service related
  • Processing delivery reports
  • Add report in system (PowerApp], Log files
  • Daily submit pending call report to manager
  • Arrange engineer for AMC, on-site and in-house calls
  • Daily checking all pending calls and manage all services related calls
  • Preparing and submitting service related quotation
  • Preparing AMC contract
  • Prepare request for billing (service charge and AMC)
  • Follow up all calls by phone or email for all service escalations in time
  • Provide Price and cost proposals in response to customer's request 
  • Provide best service with full customers’ satisfaction.
  • Receive and answer phones call from customers.
  • Providing accurate information to customers (Service and product).
  • Enquiry and complaint handling.
  • Create case or log into CRM system (all problems).
  • Support on phone if possible.
  • Assign engineers to go on site support.
  • Categorize all SLA to the complaints when he/she create cases.
  • Call back to customers to inform the time or date that engineer can be reach.
  • Coordinate between engineers and customers.
  • Follow up all pending case and project with all engineers and related person every day.
  • Update case by keying report into CRM system through Service Report
  • Alert critical problem to call center supervisor or Assistant to Call Center supervisor. 
  • Close case if it is solved.
  • Can replace other agent when needed.
  • Need to practice at the field with engineer according to the schedule.
  • Read all maintenance contracts.
  • Plan ahead for all engineer task.
  • Check all preventive maintenances on- site support weekly, monthly and yearly (schedule).

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or any related fields
  • At least 3 years experienced in relevant skill and able to work under pressure environment,
  • Good communication, Leadership, Negotiation skills.
  • Highly flexible to resolve problem
  • Able to handle Customers objections and complaints
  • Able to handle Customers cases
  • Able to Handle Phone calls
  • Able to manage all AMC and doing monthly report for all AMC
  • Able to perform and familiar with RMA processes
  • Strong commitment, passion, self-motivation and be able to travel.
  • Ability to work with others and maintain good relationships with team
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks in various stages of effective and efficient results
  • Good command of English language


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